It’s official. I am moving to Abu Dhabi in October and I can’t wait.

According to the lovely Lix my life is a rollercoaster and I couldn’t agree more with her, but it’s the unpredictability of my life that makes my life what it is. I am not saying it’s always great, but whose life is? Moving to Abu Dhabi will be another chapter in my life and I am very excited.


How did I decide to move to Abu Dhabi?

Earlier this year I thought I was moving back to London. I found a great position to start in August and handed in my notice at work. In June I spent ten days in London. There I was not only reminded of the things that I missed about living in London, but also of those that made me leave in 2014. Taking the tube during rush hour, delayed and cancelled trains. People rushing from A to B without noticing others around them. Homeless people begging for money in an area where 5 Million Pound houses are considered a bargain. The constant rushing and most importantly: The majority of the UK had actually voted for Brexit. I was awake the entire night and couldn’t believe it. Of course, that’s a completely different matter and I don’t want to discuss it here – right now.

Back then I didn’t think I would be moving to Abu Dhabi anytime soon.

In the end, I decided against moving back to London for several reasons, my health being the most important one and I had another job offer in Bern, Switzerland. The position was more challenging and better paid. I was meant to start at the beginning of August but then I had an accident and was unable to start the position.

There I was at the hospital with a broken ankle and the doctor’s statement that I wasn’t able to work a minimum of two months. Well, two months if I was lucky. It was a very difficult fraction and he said it’s more likely to be three to four months. Luckily, my second surgery when very well and I am able to work in October again.


I always thought about moving to Abu Dhabi

Last year I applied for a position in Abu Dhabi and actually went there for an interview. The job sounded great, but it wasn’t for me. Many employers in the Middle East only want native English speakers and even though I speak English fluently, I was turned down for many positions. For others I was too young. In the end I gave up and stayed in Germany for a year and never tried to apply for a position in the Middle East again.

While I was in the hospital, I saw a position advertised in Abu Dhabi starting in October. I knew I was able to work again then and I thought with all the bad luck I had, maybe I should apply. A day later I received an email and just a few hours after my second surgery, I had a phone interview. One hour later I had the job. I couldn’t believe my luck. It’s a very good fit and it’s only one more month until I am on the plane to Abu Dhabi.

Have you been to Abu Dhabi? What did you think?

Broken Ankle Flowers
My last blog post was a while ago. I don’t know where the time has been since I clicked Publish for the last time. Shortly afterwards the last post went live on my blog, I travelled to Bern for an interview and to spend some time in the town to see if I like it. While Bern is not London, where I had hoped to move back to just a few weeks before, I liked Bern and the position was everything I could ask for. While I was looking forward to go back to London, I wasn’t too sad when I made the decision to move to Bern and I accepted the offer.
Processed with VSCO with 10 preset
On the train back to Lugano, I suddenly got very sick. I got fever and chills. I could feel it wasn’t just a fever, but it was actually quite high. The entire train ride home, I just wanted to get home and go to bed. Once I got to Lugano, I had troubles getting off the train as I felt dizzy and I could hardly walk. With a lot of effort, I pulled my suitcase to the taxi rank only to see that there was a long queue but no taxis. Great. After I waited for almost twenty minutes, I got in the taxi and all of I sudden I felt a stabbing pain in my left chest. I texted my employer who told me to go straight to the hospital and the taxi driver took me there. Upon arrival, I had 40 degrees Celsius, but luckily my heart was fine. They couldn’t find a reason for my fever and kept me in hospital for three days, doing several blood tests and other tests. For 24 hours the fever came and went, despite medication and they kept testing for several viruses, but all came back negative. After three days I felt much better and I could go home, just in time to prepare packing for a holiday in Sicily.
Processed with VSCO with 5 presetThe first week in Sicily, we stayed in San Vito Lo Capo. San Vito Lo Capo is a town in North-Western Sicily and has only 4000 inhabitants. The town is located in a valley and you get a view of the surrounding mountains. Beautiful.  I spent six nights in one of the hotels there, but most of the days I spent on the boat, with day trips to the island Favignana and one day we went up to a small mountain village called Erice. The second week we took the boat from San Vito Lo Capo and after a stop in Isole delle Femmine and Palermo, we stayed five nights in the port of Cefalu. I really liked Cefalu and was very sad when we left, but I was also looking forward to sleep in a normal bed again.
Processed with VSCO with 10 preset
Just a week after the return from Sicily, I was meant to move to Bern and have a small holiday in London before starting my new position on the 9th of August. I was really looking forward to a new start, even though I dreaded packing all my belongings again. I just moved in January to Lugano and it took almost two months until I was fully settled. However, moving would also mean that I get to decorate a new place, choose furniture and make a new ‘home’. All in all I couldn’t wait. Little did I know that I would have a little accident just a day after returning from Sicily.

One of the things I had to do in my last week in Lugano, was to go to the local comune and to notify them about my departure. I had to sign some papers and tell them that I will move to another comune for a new job. On the way there it happened. I chose a shortcut from the house into the village, a small grass path I had walked 100s of times up and down. It’s very narrow and on the right, it goes downhill, not deep but steep. The grass was quite high and I didn’t see where the path ended and the grass slope started.

Broken Ankle Flowers
What happened next will probably give me nightmares for a while: The grass was still a bit wet and I only wore espadrilles, that I bought in Sicily, with a flat sole and my right leg slipped down the slope. It all went so fast and all I could hear was a loud crack coming from my left leg. It took me probably two minutes, at least it felt so long, until I could look at my ankle and I wish I hadn’t. It was dislocated and completely turned to the left. Luckily I was in shock and the pain wasn’t too bad. I was unable to unlock my iPhone and started to scream in panic. I called for my employer, I called for help. Aiuto! Aiuto! After a short while I was able to unlock my phone and I tried to phone my boss, but she didn’t reply. My best bet was to call an ambulance and that’s what I did. The lady who answered the phone only spoke a little German and no English, she thought I was in a fight with my partner as I was crying and couldn’t talk properly. Luckily, two workers from the construction side nearby, came running and I handed one of them the phone while explaining the other to get my employer. They talked to the medical dispatcher in Italian, they saw my foot and they could also explain the exact location. She then spoke to me and told me that the ambulance will come soon.
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 Shortly afterwards the ambulance arrived and so did my boss. She was shocked when she saw my foot and directly called her sister-in-law who is a doctor at the hospital to come outside and ‘greet’ me when the ambulance gets to the hospital. Three medics started asking me questions, how it happened, whether I fell on my head and I tried to answer, but I was still in shock and talking wasn’t easy. I could hardly hear what they were saying, all the colours around me were ‘weak’ and I felt like I was standing beside me. The medics gave me some painkillers and started to prepare me for transport. Inside the ambulance I got more painkillers as the first didn’t seem to help and within minutes we got to the hospital. Once inside the hospital a doctor immediately came, looked at my foot and his eyes said everything. The nurse asked me to undress and put on a hospital gown, I already knew that didn’t mean anything good and shortly afterwards I had my first x-ray. It confirmed my ankle was broken, but they didn’t tell me too much. They knew it would freak me out and I was already very scared knowing that they would have to relocate my ankle. It was going to be very painful and I wished it was just a dream.  Unfortunately, it was not. Luckily, they told me that they will sedate me and that I won’t feel any pain during the procedure and I didn’t. I just saw the moment two doctors put the ankle back in place, but I felt no pain and a few minutes later I woke up and I was ready to go up to a hospital room to wait for my surgery. You can’t imagine how thirsty I was but I wasn’t allowed to drink or eat anything. It was very hot in Lugano and the hospital didn’t have air conditioning, so I just hoped that I won’t have to wait too long until the surgery, but they told me it was around 8pm or even later.
My boss visited me around 6pm and a few minutes later they picked me up for the surgery, much earlier than I thought and I was very scared. The nurse and my employer brought me downstairs to the operation theatre, where I had to say goodbye to my boss. Once inside, they prepared me for surgery. The surgeon answered all the questions I had and explained the procedure to me. They would use an external fixator to stabilise the broken ankle until I could have the final surgery a few days later. He said it will only take fifteen minutes and assured me that everything will be fine. The anesthetist who had earlier sedated me, arrived and started with the general anesthesia. Of course, I can’t remember what happened next, but I woke up around an hour later and I felt okay with no pain. The nurses brought me back upstairs and after they checked my blood pressure I could finally drink and eat something.
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My parents arrived in Lugano the following day and stayed for four nights. Initially the doctor thought I could have the second and final surgery on Friday and that I was able to go home the Tuesday after, but a CT scan showed that everything was worse than thought and that I couldn’t have surgery until at least the following Tuesday. I had broken the ankle three times, a very complicated fraction and a ruptured ligament. The days at the hospital were long and the nights were short. I got lots of medicine, painkillers as tablets, morphine injected into my leg and thrombosis shots – every single night. I couldn’t sleep well, so I also got sleeping tablets and yet, I woke up many times during the night. The first week I shared the room with three ladies as the hospital was full but the doctors promised me to transfer me to another hospital where I have a room to myself.
Just as promised, I moved to the other hospital on Sunday, just a day before the Swiss National Day and while the hospitals belong together, the other one was just recently renovated and it was so lovely there. The hospital had air conditioning, electrical blinds and I had a TV in my room. I was also a bit more independent. On Tuesday, the 2nd of August, I finally had my surgery and everything went very well. I have three plates on my ankle bones now, and I have to walk on crutches until the end of September. Last Sunday I could finally go home. I am currently in Cologne and stay with my best friend Kim. Luckily, there is a very good private clinic here who specialises in orthopedy. Three times a week I have physical therapy and manual lymphatic drainages there. I will also start with isokinetic training. Every day I have to take a lot of painkillers, when the pain gets really bad I have to take morphine and I had to learn how to inject myself with the thrombosis shots. That’s what I have to do every single night until the end of September. On Wednesday the stitches will be removed and then another four weeks before I have another x-ray.
I am trying to be as positive as possible, but it’s hard. I am unable to do the most basic things and it’s hard. I am grateful to be able to afford someone to help me with my daily life, take me in a wheelchair everywhere I need to go, help me with my shopping, cleaning, cooking and so on. I have found another job in Abu Dhabi and I will start in October, so you can imagine how excited I am. I have seven weeks now and I want to concentrate more on my blog, I am planning to move to WordPress next month and redesign a little bit. I also want to focus a bit on improving my Italian. It’s important to me to try and do as much as possible during the time I can’t work.
Thanks for reading this post. I hope you all have a lovely week.

Holiday Cruise Ship
 As a blogger who interacts with fellow bloggers on Twitter and Instagram a lot, I see more and more people sharing their holiday cruise adventures and every single picture makes me very jealous. I have travelled a fair bit, but I have never been on a holiday cruise and I would really love to. This year it will become a bit difficult as I am starting a new job soon and I don’t know when I can have time off, but next year would be a good time. One of my dream destinations are the Fjords, Island and the Arctic. I once watched a documentary about it and it was so beautiful, I really hope to do it one day.
Cruising is such an easy and convenient way to travel. You only need to unpack once and you can experience different cities in different countries in one cruise holiday. I also think it’s good value for money. The cost of a holiday cruise often includes not only accommodation, but also dining and entertainment as well as many on board activities. You also don’t have to buy for flights, trains or any other form of transport to get from one city to the next.
I am already researching a little bit for next year and there are so many things to consider. Luckily, holiday cruise lines such as Thomson Cruises offer a lot of advice to first time cruisers like me. Two questions I immediately asked myself, first what I will need to pack and secondly, how will my on-board experience be as a solo traveller?

What do I need to pack for a holiday cruise?

There is no need to pack differently than for any other holiday, but it’s a good idea to take a wind jacket with you. There is often a strong sea breeze and it would be a shame if you would stay inside all day. The dress code on board is smart-casual, and you can pack something a bit for fancier for formal dinners, where black ties and cocktail dresses should be worn. Of course you also need to consider the dress code of the countries to will stop in, for example, if you plan to visit an Islamic country you should wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. Also, if you plan on visiting a mosque or any other holy site, it’s important to cover your hair, arms and legs. So, that’s something you should consider.
Holiday Cruise Ship Deck

Will Solo travellers enjoy a cruise?

That’s one important point to me. I often travel on my own and while it’s easy to meet fellow travellers abroad, I wondered how it will be on a cruise. Should I choose to travel next year, it’s most likely that I will go on the trip by myself. I would have never thought that the cruises have a social hostess on board who arranges get-togethers for solo travellers, for example dinner and coffee mornings. This completely changed my view on cruises, as I thought it’s mainly for couples and families.
Of course, there are many more things to consider, and if you have any cruise travel tips please let me know. If you are thinking about going on a cruise soon, why don’t you check out Summer 2016 cruises to awesome locations like Dubrovnik, Barcelona and Venice?

How to find the perfect TV
As you might know, I am relocating back to London in August and I can’t wait to move. Right now, there isn’t much point in buying the things I need and want, so I will wait until I have moved back to London soon.

One of the things on my list is buying a new TV.

I lived without a TV for the last two years and although I am not the biggest TV watcher, I miss having one. Once I settle in my new place, I would really like to buy a new television and have it in my bedroom to watch my shows and movies on Netflix. Watching my favourite programs on the laptop is okay, but it gets difficult when I have friends around and more than two people try and watch a film on a 13 inch screen. As you can imagine, a great movie night is almost impossible. I know nothing about TV’s and I have to admit until now I never really cared, but now that I am looking at all the different options out there, I feel really lost. There are so many choices, different screen sizes, the type of screen technology (What’s the difference between Plasma, LED and LCD?) and of course: every TV seems to have different extras. Buying a TV can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Online help when buying a TV

Luckily, online I found this great TV buying guide and after reading it I feel less overwhelmed by the choice out there when buying a TV. Of course the first thing you should decide on, is the screen size of your new device. It’s the diagonal measurement between the two corners. While the screen sizes can go up to 50 inches or more, I would prefer to have something smaller, around 36 inches or even 32.

One of the things I would like to have is a display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, meaning it’s HD compatible. It’s always good to look out for the Full HD logo. Next comes the type of display. Today there are four different technologies on the market: Plasma, LCD, LED and 3D. All are different. Apart from the 3D I am sure I would not be able to tell the difference though. As I said before, I didn’t know much about TV technology before reading the guide. LED seems to be the flattest screens out there, so it’s probably an option I would look at.
Did you recently buy a TV? Which TV do you have and can you recommend it? 

The Real Cost of Being an Expat
I moved abroad for the first time just two months after my seventeenth birthday. I wanted to take a break after the 10th grade and improve my English. Becoming an Aupair in England seemed the perfect choice. It gave me independence and the opportunity to discover another culture. Back then, I never thought I would still be an expat almost ten years later.
It’s been nearly nine years, four countries and even a short stay back in Germany since I first said goodbye to family and friends.

Personal life as an expat

Being an expat is great when you are young; single and you don’t have a care in the world. Now I am slowly starting to realise what a cost expat life has to my personal life. I am nearly 26 and never had a serious relationship with someone. My friends back at home get to experience all those things. They are moving in with their partner, getting married or even having children. I don’t even know where I will be next year and making commitments in my personal life is very difficult, if not impossible.  Well, I had what you would consider a serious relationship with someone for three years, but he is constantly moving for work too. One year I actually ended up flying back and forth to New York City twice a month. However, we had an age gap of fifteen years. He wanted to get married and have children. For me it was too serious when I was 23. I dumped him and with him London shortly after.

How did my life as an expat start?

In 2007 I said goodbye to my grandfather who kindly dropped me off at the airport in Cologne with two suitcases. A very kind airline didn’t charge me for the eight kilos excess luggage I had.  Of course, my parents weren’t at the airport, after all I had fallen out with them over a year ago. Back then we were on non speaking terms. Shortly after drinking milkshakes with my grandfather and boarding the plane, I landed at Stansted Airport and was excited to start a new part of my life. At the beginning I lived in Sevenoaks, where I also went to college. In January 2009 I moved to London. I fell in love with the British culture, yes, I was young and naive and at the beginning everything looked perfect. The move to London as a just recently turned 18 year old girl seems like everyone’s dream and it was mine. Even though I worked 5-6 days a week, I would be out partying three to five times a week. Sometimes I would only have two hours of sleep. Those were the days, when I still had the energy. In 2011 I wanted a change from London and I go somewhere else. I knew that I wanted to return to London after one or two years. After a successful job interview in Brussels the moving van and I were off to Belgium’s capital in April 2011.

The expat bubble

While I never felt like an expat in England, I felt like one in Brussels from day one to the day I moved. Belgian people do not welcome foreigners with open arms, at least all my expat friends and I thought so. Being an expat is like an inner circle. You go to great events thanks to organisations like Internations and meet other expats but you never truly belong to one place or to that local group of girlfriends who see laughing and chatting in the cafe around the corner. It’s hard to break out of that circle.
Surely, I met many great people on the way, but I feel, although those friendships are great, they hardly ever go deeper than having great times together. Can I say I would ever count on one of them when my house burns down and I need a place to live? I am not sure. Also, many expats of course will move to another city or country at some stage. Some stay a year,  some a bit longer, but hardly ever someone stays for good.

My friends are all over the world

Of course, I have really great friendships with people I met when I was a young teenager, but they are still back at ‘home’.  They don’t understand what it means to leave everything behind you, to start from scratch in each new country you move to. They don’t know what it means never to know, how long you will stay in your new place and it’s hard to explain it to them.

While I am writing this, I am sitting at home – on my own, wishing someone would be here to watch the first match of the German soccer team with me tonight. I know I am moving back to London in August, where I feel home and I hope I am staying for at least two years. Including the move to London, I am moving for the fourth time in 20 months and financially I can’t afford another move anytime soon.

DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
 In 2012 I had my first Brazilian blow dry also known as the Keratin Treatment. I have natural curly hair, unfortunately not the nice kind of curls that look lovely, but the frizzy bird nest kind of curls. My hair is dry and overall not in the best condition as I straighten it a lot. I heard many good things about the Keratin Treatment and after googling before and after pictures I decided to go ahead. If this would really and all I would need to do is to let my hair dry after washing it, it would certainly change my daily life. Back then in 2012 it was quite a new treatment in the UK and quite pricey. I found Jana, a passionate and great hairdresser who specialises in Keratin Treatments and hair extensions. She came regularly to my house until I left London at the end of 2014 to turn my dry and frizzy curls into shiny manageable hair.

Then I moved to Cologne in 2015. Over there the treatment is not as known as it is in the UK and only one hairdresser offers it. I phoned the owner and she quoted me 400€. That is a lot of money in Germany, but I was desperate and went ahead. 400€ spent and one hair wash later, my hair was just as before. I’ve had the treatment many times so I know what to expect and how my hair will be like. Needless to say I was not very amused, especially as I had to find an alternative. I googled online and found reviews of a DIY Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry. I tried it for the first time in October 2015, it took me a quite a while, but the results were just as amazing as when Jana did it.

I ordered the Brazilian Keratin Treatment – Home Hair Straightening Kit on Amazon. The complete kit that you can order the first time costs £27.99 and includes all you need to get started: 30ml Pre-treatment clarifying shampoo, 100ml Keratin Treatment, one application brush, one comb and two hairclips as well as gloves and instructions. The Top Up Kit includes the shampoo, the treatment, gloves and instructions so if you don’t need the hair clips, application brush and the comb you can order it for £24.99.
Below a picture of my hair today, just before the treatment. I haven’t had the treatment since mid December and as I usually just use normal shampoo*, I have to do the treatment every three months. My hair was back to its usual condition, very dry and hard to manage. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of the product in Switzerland and I had to wait until I saw my old boss in London who had ordered it for me. At the same time my GHD hair straightener broke and I only got the replacement last Friday. *I’ll explain this later in the post.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin TreatmentBefore you start, make sure you have everything you need: Hair straighteners that heat up to 220°C eg. GHDs, a hair dryer, the product including instructions, a comb, hair clips and a round brush as well as the gloves.
Then, I started by washing my hair twice with the Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo, I rinsed it thoroughly  and let it towel dry a bit.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
Then I blow-dried my hair straight on a medium heat with a round brush until it was completely dry. I have a lot of hair, so it takes me a good twenty minutes.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
I then combed the hair thoroughly, each section has to be combed around five times.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
It’s time to apply to the product. I put on my gloves and a surgical mask, not everyone advises you and it’s not in the instructions, but my old hairdresser Jana told me it’s better to wear one. I have a doctor in the family, so I have a big box and I always use it when I apply the treatment.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
I started applying the product on my terrace, if you don’t have a terrace or balcony you should at least have a window open or use a fan. With the comb I applied the product into small sections of my hair, only avoiding the scalp. I comb out the excess and it took me almost half an hour to apply the product. After 20 Minutes I could start blow drying (away from the face) the hair on a medium heat.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
Once the hair is completely dry, I used the hair straighter five times on each section. It’s important to do it so many times to seal in the treatment. This part of applying the treatment, always takes me at least one hour. I have so much hair, but knowing that for the next twelve weeks I only have to do very little with my hair after I wash it, makes it worthwhile. Look at the picture below, this is how my hair will look like without me having to straighten it at all almost three months. It’s very straight now, but once I wash it it looks more voluminous and wavy.
DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment
Ideally you should only use salt-free shampoo after the treatment for maximum results, but I only use normal shampoo for coloured hair and it usually lasts around 12 weeks. I don’t need to use any conditioner with this treatment anymore, otherwise my hair gets quite oily.

DIY Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment

Now I can’t wash my hair for three days and it looks quite flat, but after my hair has been washed for the first time, I will share more pictures here. This product has truly changed my life. I was so conscious about my hair. No matter how long I would straighten it, after one hour it looked dry and frizzy again. Thanks to the Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry I have shiny hair even when I let my hair air dry. Before, I was unable to grow my hair past shoulder length as I had split ends and I couldn’t let it grow. Too many haircuts were needed, but now I only need to go to the hairdresser every three months and my hair is much longer now. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Have you tried the Brazilian Blowdry before? What did you think? Is it something you would try? 

Disclaimer: Contains affiliate links. 

Venice Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, I actually find it more romantic than Paris even though I have never been to Venice. I guess it just appeals more to me as a very unromantic person. At the moment I am a lot in Milan for work and on my days off, I would like to explore a bit more of Italy. Venice is on top of my list and I hope I can go soon after the trips I have currently booked.


Venice-Grand-Canal-Italy-TravelThe easiest way to get from the UK to Venice is to fly. There are several non-stop flights from London Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton airport. British Airways also flies from London City Airport. It takes around two hours. From the airport you can take an Alilaguna water bus. Once you exit the arrival halls, look for the covered walkway on the left and follow the walkway for around seven minutes until you reach the dock. The water bus stops at San Marco (1 hour and 12 minutes), Rialto (57 minutes), Fondamenta Nuove (38 minutes) and Le Guglie (42 minutes).


If you are an early riser and like to start exploring earlier than the average tourist, head to St Mark’s Square early before it gets too crowded. You will be able to see the square in all its glory. At 9am the sung mass at the Basilica starts and the spiritual singing will start your day in a very romantic way.


Afterwards you can cross the Grand Canal and stroll through the streets of Dorsoduro. You can find a hidden café to avoid the rising crowds of San Marco or San Paolo and enjoy your breakfast in peace. Recommended places are Tea Room Beatrice on Calle Lunga San Barnaba 2727A and Pasticceria Tonolo on Dorsoduro 3764.

While you are in the area, you can stop at the Gallerie dell’Accademia to look at some Renaissance classics. Tickets cost 10€, the gallery is open Mondays from 8.15am to 2pm and Tuesdays to Sundays from 8.15am to 7.15pm.

Canale di Cannaregio Venice Italy

If you fancy a walk, you should discover Venice’s less popular areas: Venice’s beauty is prominent on every street and every corner. You can head to Cannaregio, north from San Polo, drink a glass of Prosecco by the canal and eat delicious crostini.


Of course no trip to Venice would be complete without taking a ride in on of the city’s famous gondolas to admire the Venice’s waterways. Of course there are many more great things to do in Venice. Don’t forget to eat gelato.



If you have money to splurge, you can stay at Hotel Danieli, a Luxury Collection Hotel, close to Piazza San Marco with a view over the Venice lagoon. The hotel is set in a lavish Venetian building with it’s own private water entrance leading into the Palazzo Dandolo.


The opulent rooms featuring high ceilings and plush drapes f offer free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Of course this hotel wouldn’t be the same without it’s room service and the inhouse restaurants serves gourmet Venetian cuisine. Further, the hotel has a cocktail bar, a wine suite and offers amazing views from the terrace. Rooms start from £350 per night.


A good mid range hotel is the LaGare Hotel Venizia MGallery by Sofitel on the waterfront of Murano Island. It’s a contemporary redbrick hotel adjacent to the ferry docks offering boats to Venice and it’s only a four minute walk from the seventh century church Chiesa dei Santi Maria e Donato.

The hotel feature sedate, modern decor and wood floors, the rooms have flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and a minibar. Breakfast is complimentary and the hotel has a restaurant as well as a bar with terrace. Rooms start from £115.

Venice is beautiful all year around and if you fancy a city trip to Venice, it’s best to book early. Venice’s tourist population outnumbers its residents on any given day in the summer, it gets especially busy during the Venice carnival.

Have you been to Venice? What did you think? 


Two weeks ago I went floating for the first time in my life and I loved it. I was invited by Chris, the co-owner of Floatworks, to try out floating in one of their I-sopod tanks for one hour and I can recommend everyone to give it a try.My appointment was scheduled at 10:30am and I arrived a little bit early. Floatworks Vauxhall is very easy to find, once you leave the Tube Station you see St. George Wharfs in front of you and walking up the stairs you will already see Floatworks. You can’t miss it.


The team at Floatworks Vauxhall

The team was very friendly and explained everything in detail to me. There was one more question I had: Was it okay to leave the light on during the session? While I am not claustrophobic, I have Nyctophobia. I am scared of being in the dark. When I am alone, I always sleep with a light on. I addressed this to the receptionist and he told me it’s okay, but I should at least try it once I am relaxed. I was reassured that I could switch the light anytime as there is a button inside the pod.


His colleague picked me up and we walked through a door leading to the lockers, where you change your shoes to comfortable Havainas flip-flops, get your towels and you can lock everything you don’t need in the lockers. I left my smartphone behind, something I usually never do, even when I sleep it’s always by my side. There is no need for your phone in the pod room and I actually think it is rather disturbing. One thing less to worry about.



What to do before floating?

The preparation for a relaxing and the successful floating experience starts at home. It’s best to avoid caffeine for a few hours before your session as it can prevent you from getting into the meditation zone. I had peppermint tea for breakfast and a bit of omelette. You also shouldn’t eat too much before the session, a light meal a few hours before the session is ideal. If you exercise before the session, the relaxation will be more pronounced. Ideal is yoga or a good run, but any form of exercise is fine.

What to avoid before a float

Also, if you smoke, don’t smoke just before the float. Nicotine is a stimulant and ideally not enjoyed before the float or best never. I also didn’t shave before the session, the salty water won’t feel great on freshly shaved skin and the team provides you with vaseline to cover up any cuts and scratches. Pre-float it’s best to drink some ice-cold water. It’s important to stay hydrated and yet, you have to go the bathroom before the float. You don’t want to get out of the tank once you are in it.



You don’t need to take anything but yourself to Floatworks. They provide everything you need from super comfy towels, high quality moldable ear plugs that actually stay in your ears, robe to SLS free organic toiletries. After your float, you can go upstairs where you not only find a chill out area, but also a vanity room with lighted mirrors, hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners. You can wear a bathing suit if you feel uncomfortable going in naked, however it’s best to go nude.

Inside the pod room

Every pod room has its own shower, so it’s all very private and you won’t notice that there are other people floating in other rooms at the same time. I undressed, put in my ear plugs and had a quick shower. It’s important to put in the ear plugs before you shower or at least, before you climb into the tank. I had a quick shower and dried my face properly before getting into the floating tank.



Inside the pod was a blue relaxing light on and I was ready to climb in. I wondered whether I would actually float, but all I had to do was to relax and lay back. Unfortunately, there was no music as promised and for a minute I thought something was wrong. After a few minutes I forgot about it and I enjoyed the feeling of warm water on my skin. I chose to not wear a swimsuit and I would recommend everyone to do the same.

The floating experience

So, there was I in the floating tank and I had so many things on my mind. What happens when I fall asleep and won’t hear the music at the end? How will my job interview be? Hopefully I don’t get salt water in my eyes (Don’t worry, unless you touch your eyes like I did, the water will not go further than your temples when you lay back). As you can guess, I find it very hard to relax and not to think about anything.


After a while I had to open the lid a bit, as it was too warm for me. It’s not too hot actually, but if you know me, you know how much I hate heat and I am rather too cold than too hot. Once I had a bit of fresh air on my face, I started to relax. I completely lost my sense of time. I can’t remember how long I had been in the water. Was it half an hour? Forty minutes? I wasn’t sure and I didn’t care.


Floatworks Floatation Shower

After a while, the music started playing and I knew it was time for me to slowly leave the tank and have a shower. I was so relaxed coming out of the pod, I actually got a bit scared when the filter started cleaning the tank. It’s important to have a really good rinse afterwards and to condition your hair. Floatworks provides everything you need, organic shower gel, shampoo and a lovely smelling conditioner. After the session, I went upstairs in the Hollywood Room to blow dry and straighten my hair.

Floatworks-Vauxhall-Chillout-RoomUnfortunately, my weekend in London was rather busy and I had to rush out for an interview following the session, hence I couldn’t enjoy a cup of tea in the Chillout room. I am in London again next month for over three weeks and I will probably be very stressed out from my intensive driving course, so that I have at least one session during that time.

After the session, I felt very relaxed (I find it hard to relax, so that tells us something) and with my interview straight after my Floatworks visit I should have had every reason to be nervous, but I wasn’t. I also noted that my skin felt great after, I have very dry and rough elbows and it actually hurt a bit while I was in the water, but for a week after the session my skin including my elbows felt great and not dry at all. It’s been nearly two weeks now and I can still an improvement.


The benefits of floating

Floating has other benefits too. Research has shown that floatation therapy has a significant impact on mood enhancement. It promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation, eliminates fatigue and jet lag and improves sleep. I can vouch for that one, I slept like a baby the night after and I usually struggle to fall asleep. Further, it diminishes depression, anxiety and fear and increases motivation.

Floatworks was found in 1993 and since then the company has sent more than 150,000 customers back into the world feeling happier and healthier than they arrived.  To find out about more about Floatworks and floating, you can visit the Floatworks Vauxhall website.

Disclaimer: I received one complimentary floating session in exchange for an honest review. Most pictures in this article are by Fabio Zaveti - My iPhone didn't take the best pictures.

Cannes-La-Croisette-Hotel-CarltonI returned from my weekend trip to Cannes over a week ago and I had a great time there. I always loved the city and I am quite happy every time I am there. I had not been to Cannes for almost five years and I was really looking forward to going. Cannes has changed so much in the last five years, there are many new restaurants and shops, but it’s still the Cannes I remember. The beautiful port, the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and of course the famous La Croisette. It has reminded me why I should go more often in the future.


How to get to from Lugano to Cannes?

First, there are no convenient flights to Nice. One option is to travel up to Zurich and take a plane from there to Nice. Another option is to take a direct train from Milan Central to Cannes and as it seemed easier for me and allowed more flexibility, it’s what I did. Around noon on Thursday I took the train from Lugano to Milan Central and bought a train ticket from there to Cannes. Last minute ticket cost 50€ in second class and 65€ in first class. It takes 5:28h in total. Once you get to Genoa, it’s a very pleasant ride along the coastline.

Arrival in Cannes

I arrived just before 9pm at the train station in Cannes, went quickly to my flat to drop off my bags and do my make up again. It was almost ten when I left the house and I felt it was too late to sit down in a restaurant.

Steak’n’Shake Cannes

Just at the end of the road where I stayed opened Steak’n’Shake and I decided to have dinner there. It’s very similar to Shake Shack and I wanted to try it out. I’ve never heard about the chain before,
Is Steak’n’Shake better than Shake Shack? While Shake Shack burgers are much better than the Steak’n’Shake ones, the fries are better at Steak’n’Shake. I also prefer the branding of Shake Shack.
I went home, fell asleep quite quickly and had a good lie in on Friday morning. The previous two weeks had been quite stressful, travelling home from Aegina to Lugano on Wednesday and then taking the train from Lugano to Cannes. I left the house just in time for lunch. The last time I was in Cannes, I went to a great Italian restaurant for my birthday dinner. The restaurant is overlooking the Port of Cannes and it’s a lovely place to eat lunch and dinner. I ordered a simple Pizza Pepperoni and a double espresso. La Pizza Cresci is located at 3 Quai Saint-Pierre, 06400 Cannes, France and worth a visit.
After my lunch at La Pizza Cresci, I went for a walk along the Port of Cannes and the La Croisette. Once you pass the Palais you are on Square Reynaldo Hahn. It’s a lovely walk and if you are in Cannes for the first time, I recommend walking from the Port of Cannes to the Pointe Croisette.

La Californie Cannes

Maurice Guillouet opened a new restaurant at the end of April in Cannes: La Californie. I spotted this restaurant already on Thursday night, but it was busy and no table was available. I returned on Friday night a little bit earlier and I was lucky. It’s a small but well picked menu and I choose the salmon with salad. What sounds like a very simple menu and looked rather plain, was probably the best salmon I have ever eaten in my entire life. It was perfect. The restaurant is, like Cannes, a bit more expensive, but it’s so worth it. I paid 70€ (£54) including a tip for my meal, my desert and a gin and tonic. The service was outstanding and I will return next time I am in Cannes.
After dinner, I walked home and went to sleep early as I wanted to wake up early the next morning. On Saturday I had an appointment to get my eyebrows sorted. I am embarrassed to say that I never had it done by a professional and I was always worried I would get the looks when they saw my eyebrows. I booked an appointment with the Benefit Brow Bar and I am so glad I did. My eyebrows looked amazing afterwards. Not only did the Benefit beautician dye them darker, but she also plucked and waxed them into a great shape. I wish I had gone earlier.
The Benefit Brow Bar is inside the Sephora in Cannes, located at 53 Rue d’Antibes, 06400 Cannes, France.

Royale Plage Beach Club Cannes

Royale-Plage-Beach-Club-ViewOn Saturday it was quite warm in Cannes and I wanted to go to the beach, but I prefer to go to a place where I could order drinks and cocktails. Royale Plage Beach Club looked very inviting and not too busy. The beach club provides sunbeds and towels for 20€ a day, which is a bargain in Cannes. At the beginning, it was rather windy and the water was quite cold, but once you got used to it, it was okay. 15€ for one Gin and Tonic and 21€ for a Club sandwich are normal Cannes prices. A week earlier, I was at the beach in Aegina where Gin&Tonics cost 6€ and 8€ for a Club sandwich. Take me back to Greece anytime.

Royale-Plage-Cannes-Beach-ClubIt was my last day in Cannes and for dinner I went to Steak’n’Shake again. I went home early to pack my suitcase and prepare for my departure on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, there was no direct train from Cannes until Milan before the afternoon and I had to change trains twice. I had a great time and I can’t wait to return soon.

Cannes-Intercarlton-HotelI am still in Aegina, Greece, but will fly back to Milan on Wednesday. I just found out yesterday that I can have off Thursday to Monday including and I would like to go away for a few days again. My initial idea was to go to Monaco for one or two nights and then go to Cannes, but I found out that my friends might not be in Monaco anymore as they probably leave early. I will make exact travel plans upon my return on Wednesday night, but will probably go one night to Monaco and then another 2-3 nights in Cannes.


Cannes – Synonymous with Glamour

I would really like to go to Cannes as I haven’t been since my 21st birthday and I really miss the resort town on the French Riviera. I spent so much time there as a child and some of my best childhood memories have been made in Cannes. The town is known for its world-famous film festival, that will actually start on the 11th of May and I prefer to go either pre-film festival or after August. During the high season, I try to avoid Cannes. As a child, I was there for six weeks most summers and I remember how busy it was. My parents, my sister and I would often go to the beach closer to the Mandelieu-La Napoule as it was less crowded and we could enjoy it more.

Where to Stay in Cannes

 InterContinental Carlton Cannes
My parents have a flat in Cannes, where I can usually stay there unless it’s rented out which has actually happened to me the last two times I went to Cannes and I ended up staying in hotels. If you can spend a bit more, I can recommend the Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion and the InterContinental Carlton Cannes. I have previously stayed at both hotels and they are fantastic. If you want to go to Cannes and you are on a budget, I really recommend Résidence ExcelSuites in Cannes. I have stayed there twice and Eric, the hotel manager, is very friendly and helpful. The suites are clean, spacious and ideal for travelers who would like to self cater. If you want to be right at the beach, then the place isn’t the right one for you as it’s a 10-15 minutes walk away.

Great restaurants in Cannes

Probably one of my favourite restaurants in Cannes is Le Repère in Mandelieu-La Napoule. The restaurant has a large outside terrace with a lovely view across the bay towards Cannes. The food is fantastic and has reasonable prices. It’s around a 9km distance from the Port de Cannes, but I can’t recommend visiting this place enough. Remember when Made in Chelsea’s Spencer took Caggie to Cannes and they had a double date dinner at a restaurant with Hugo and Millie? Yep, it’s that restaurant. Alongside the shoreline you can find lots of restaurants that serve fantastic seafood for every budget.

Activities in Cannes

I have to admit, I am rather lazy when I am in Cannes when it comes to activities apart from shopping, dining out and drinking too many cocktails. I also don’t drive, so I rely on public transport. However, I recommend the next six activities if you are in Cannes for a few days.

1. Visit the Island Île Sainte-Marguerite

Île Sainte-Marguerite

Just a fifteen minute ferry ride from the Port of Cannes, is the biggest of the Lérins Islands: Île Sainte-Marguerite. It’s only half a mile off shore from Cannes and famous for its fortress prison Fort Royal. The Man in the Iron Mask was held there in the 17th century and you can actually enter the cell he stayed in. It’s a nice contrast from the glamorous city of Cannes with its La Croisette, yachts and high end designer stores.

2. La Croisette

Walk up and down the world famous Boulevard de la Croisette along the shoreline of Cannes and admire the shopping windows of Chanel&Co. The famous hotels Carlton, Majestic and Martinez are on La Croisette. If your budget is similar to mine, you will much prefer the next activity.

3. Shopping on Rue d’Antibes

On Rue d’Antibes is the ‘normal’ high street in Cannes with chain stores such as Zara, Kiko Milano, Sephora and so on but also a few independent stores that have some fantastic items.

4. Take the train to Nice, Antibes or Monaco

It is very easy to catch the train from Cannes to Nice, Antibes or Monaco and to see more of the Côte d’Azur. Train tickets are reasonable priced and the train lines run frequently. It only takes 44 minutes to get to Monaco, so it’s quite manageable to go even if you only have half a day.

5. Walk along the beach to Mandelieu-La Napoule

It’s a very nice walk to Mandelieu-La Napoule alongside the beach. The first time I was in Cannes, we actually stayed a few nights in Mandelieu-La Napoule and my parents made me and my sister walk to Cannes. Even though we were quite young we didn’t mind because it was so wonderful. I remember that we took a taxi back to the hotel though.

6. Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès was built in 1949 to host the Cannes Film Festival. You can walk along Cannes’ Walk of Fame or visit the Cannes Tourist Office. The Film Festival will actually start two days after I’ll leave Cannes, so I guess lots is happening when I am there.

Of course, there are many more things to do in the Cannes area. If you rent a car, your options are endless. I haven’t been for almost five years, so I will probably not recognise the place when I go. I certainly have changed a lot as you can see from the pictures of my trip to Cannes at Easter in 2010.

Me on a holiday in Cannes in Easter 2010
Me on a holiday in Cannes in Easter 2010

Have you been to Cannes? What did you think? Have you been recently and can you recommend something? Let me know in the comment box below. Merci!

*Disclaimer: This blog post includes hotel affiliate links. However, all hotels mentioned were personally visited by me and my opinion was not influenced by a third party. Picture sources: Church and Monastery of the Lerins AbbeyPalais des Festivals et des Congrès

AeginaSince Saturday I am on the Greek Island Aegina, located in the Argo-Saronic gulf. It was a long trip getting here, but it was so worth it. I had never been to Greece before, so I was very excited to go for the first time. Next weekend we will celebrate the Orthodox Easter again and while I am not religious, I am looking forward to the celebrations as I am interested in the tradition. I am here another six days and while the weather in Lugano is great, it’s just not as fantastic as here.

How to get to Aegina

The closest airport to Aegina is Athens International Airport, called Eleftherios Venizelos, located 25km outside the centre of Athens. Easyjet offers non-stop flights from London Gatwick to Athens, so does British Airways and Ryanair.  It is very important to make sure you arrive not much later than 3pm or to leave before noon on your way back. If you arrive after 3pm you will not be able to make it to the island on the same day or on the way home to reach the airport in time. You can only get to the island by boat and the boat timetables can change according to the season.

When to visit Aegina

It’s best to visit Aegina outside of the high holiday season. Spring and autumn are great times to visit the island. It’s not even May and I went swimming in the sea today. It’s sunny, warm and energising. Aegina is actually known to have the mildest climate in Greece.

Aegina’s History

A myth says that the island was named after the most beautiful of Asopos twenty daughters. Asopos is the river good in the Greek mythology who eloped with Zeus to the then deserted island. There is evidence that the island was inhabited from as early as 3500 B.C. The island had a strong economic and social growth between around 900 B.C. and 480 B.C. and minted the first coins anywhere in Greece during the 7th century before Christi. Aegina was also actually the first capital of modern Greece, but only for two years from 1827 to 1829. If you are interested in (Greek) history, you will not be disappointed here. I have yet to visit the temple in Aegina, but will probably do so on Friday.

Perfect for the independent traveller

Aegina is a real living and working island, making the island very attractive for travelers who would like to have a real travel experience rather than being surrounded by lots of other tourists. Aegina is not as ‘perfect’ as some of the other Greek islands aimed at tourists. Don’t get me wrong: While the beaches are lovely, they are not as ‘pretty’ as the beaches in Santorini or Mykonos.  Aegina mainly hosts Greek weekend visitors, especially people from Athens of whom many have a second home here. So, if you are looking for perfect white sand beaches, then Aegina is not for you, but if you want to get the real Greek experience, book your Aegina holiday.

Aegina Beaches

Aegina Island Greece Sea Beach

There are several good sandy beaches on the island and the water is crystal clear. I was in Marathonas today and it was great. The water was clean, warm enough for a swim and La Palma offers free sunbeds and umbrellas to their customers. La Palma is a cafe, bar and restaurant offering a pleasant service located at the beginning of Marathonas beach on the west side of the island. The prices are very reasonable, I paid 20,80€ (£16.35) for a Pina Colada, one Gin&Tonic, two large scoops of ice cream and two coke zeros. From Marathonas beach you can see the islands Moni, Agistri and Methana as well as the Peloponnese mainland.

Aegina Island Greece Beach Water

Where to Stay on Aegina

I am staying in a private holiday home in Aegina, in a small village called Pachia Rachi. However, there are some amazing hotels and apartments on the island that have been recommended to me.

My personal favourite is Marini Luxury Apartments and Suites. Not only does it have an outdoor pool, but also a fitness centre and is set amidst a beautiful landscaped garden. Every room is equipped with a hairdryer, a private bathroom including free toiletries, a satellite TV, laptop safe and even a refrigerator. A restaurant serves Greek cuisine and you can order cocktails as well as snacks at the pool. Activities for all guests include yoga lessons, traditional dances and aqua aerobic. There are many other great hotels and apartments on Aegina.

What to Wear on Aegina

Overall, I think Aegina is a great destination to travel to as you get a lot for not much money. Accommodation, restaurants and the activities are all very reasonable priced.

Have you been to Aegina or to another island in Greece? What did you think? Would you travel to Aegina?

welcome-to-las-vegas-signI can’t believe I am going to Las Vegas in less than nine weeks and I am super excited. I am flying out on the 25th of June from London with Virgin Atlantic and come back on the 11th of July. It will be my 4th time in Las Vegas and yet, there are so many things I want to do. I still haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, but I might not do it until next year. My friend Lisa, that also lives in Lugano, will be in Las Vegas for a few days, but she leaves one day after I arrive. Luckily she comes back for one more night on the 1st of July, before heading home to Switzerland.

Las Vegas Budget

When I planned my finances for this year in January, I knew that I couldn’t splash out as much money in Las Vegas as I have done in the past. I usually stayed at 5* Hotels and spent a lot of money on fine dining and shopping. Moving to Switzerland was more expensive than I thought and I had to use some money from my planned travel allowance for 2016, hence I am trying to stay at a few different hotels with different price levels. It’s a win win situation as I get to experience more hotels and I can save some money too.

On the 3rd of July I will to Los Angeles for two nights, staying one night and flying back to Vegas on the 4th of July in time for the big Independence Day party. I hope the party isn’t going to get too crazy, as I am trying to eat as healthy as possible in Las Vegas. LA will be halfway through my holiday, so it’s a good idea to try out all the healthy food shops in town.

Activities in Las Vegas

I still have not been to the Grand Canyon, but I doubt I will be able to go this year. I don’t want to go on my own and all my friends who will be in Las Vegas have already been to the Grand Canyon. I also haven’t been inside a few hotels yet and that’s one thing I want to do this year.

The LINQ Highroller

The LINQ Highroller Las Vegas
I still haven’t been on the LINQ Highroller observation wheel. It’s the focal point of The LINQ promenade, an open-air shopping, dining and entertainment district that was still under construction last time I was in Las Vegas. It’s 550 feet high and was not only voted ‘Best Attraction’ but also the ‘Best Amusement Ride’ and ‘Best Place to View the City’ by the readers and editors of the Las Vegas Review Journal. It’s the tallest observation wheel in the world, 110 feet taller than the London Eye.

The new nightclubs in Las Vegas

There are two new night clubs in Las Vegas I haven’t been to and this year I want to change that: Hakkasan and Omnia. Both belong to the Hakkasan Group and my friends who have visited it, only told me great things about it.

Hotels in Las Vegas

I still haven’t decided where I will stay in Las Vegas yet. In the past I stayed at the Aria, the Vdara, the Cosmopolitan and a couple of others. This year I am going to cover a few articles for Ideal Travel and I would like to stay at a few different hotels, probably one budget, one midrange and one for luxury travellers. I am currently on holiday in Aegina and once I have a little bit of time, I’ll sit down and work out my budget for my trip.

Have you been to Las Vegas recently? Can you recommend things to do and did you like where you stayed?

Vitamin-C-Boost-SmoothieMany of you know how unwell I was last year and how much I struggled not only with my health, but also with my diet. After a surgery at the end of last year, I am trying to be very healthy, cutting out sugar and processed food from my diet. Let’s be honest: It is tough. Having PCOS and Candida Albicans, I have to exclude everything with sugar, most carbohydrates and dairy.

I made many healthy changes to my lifestyle since the beginning of the year, it is hard, but rather than focusing on the things that I can’t eat anymore I concentrate on the things that I can eat, the good I do to my body and health. I was a victim of the typical diet circle for too many years and it took me a long time to change my relationship with food. I would start a diet and think all day about everything I couldn’t eat. I felt deprived, had cravings and in the end, I would give in. After I would feel very guilty and start again. It was a vicious cycle, but luckily I woke up last year after my surgery and said something has to change. It’s not about my weight anymore, it’s about my health.

I know I am not alone with this. I hear my friends moan about wanting to lose weight almost everyday. I read it on Twitter, on Facebook – many blogs about it. Magazines tell us to hate our bodies, make money promoting diets promising to lose 10kg in a fortnight. There is a lot of body shaming out there and it’s about time we make a change. We have to be body positive and develop a normal relationship with food AND our bodies. I know it is very hard to do it on your own, but there is support out there. I am now three months in into my health journey and need to get a new push to stay motivated. I am starting the Real Food First meal plan on the 22nd of April for 28 days and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.

Teaspoon Living offers a fantastic Real Food First meal plan, but I personally wouldn’t call it a meal plan. It’s much more than that. Caitlin, the owner and writer of Teaspoon Living, offers support and guidance throughout the month. After signing up, she will send you a pantry essential guide with everything you need to get started for a healthy cooking success. Rather than providing a meal plan for the whole month at the beginning, Caitlin will send you the meal plan for the next week every Friday. She will also send you the shopping list, giving you enough time to buy everything you need at the weekend. It’s not a rigid meal plan and it allows you to be flexible for occasions like dinner with your friends.  A Facebook group lets you connect with other program attendees for support and motivation. Further, Caitlin offers a personal email support and helps you to make your own meal plans after the program.

Caitlin Ball Holistic Health Coach Online - Real Food First Meal Plan

Caitlin is a holistic health coach and yoga instructor originally from San Francisco, but now residing in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband. She loves dark chocolate and tea. You can visit her website Teaspoon Living for more information, recipes and her blog.

Caitlin wants to make healthy eating fun again. For her, it’s about eating real food first to make ‘less room for junk food’. If you are tired of strict diets that you can’t continue after six hours one week and you want to get a normal relationship with food again, this program is definitely for you. It costs $95/£68 which is a small price for your well-being and health.

Caitlin offers my readers the chance to win the 28 day program, so enter the giveaway below if you can identify yourself with the post and you want to start your journey to great health. You can also sign up here for the Real Food First meal plan.

Have a look at the food below, isn’t that so much better than all the junk food out there?

Arugula Herb Salad

Please read the rules before entering the giveaway. The giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. There are four mandatory steps to enter the giveaway: sign up to the Teaspoon Living newsletter, to follow me on Twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Also, please let us know in the comment box below how you could benefit from Real Food First meal plan. All the other entries are optional and will give more chances to win. Good luck to everyone!